See the most beautiful places in Europe

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See the most beautiful places in Europe

How to get the lowest hotel rate 100% of the time
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Image © RgStudio | iStock

Europe travel experience

A rich travel experience in affordable comfort

You want a rich European adventure. But you are also a price-conscious traveller. With Raven Travel Guides Europe, you can enjoy travel affordably. It just takes a little planning, and you've come to the right place for help and support.

This is because Raven Guides has done most of the planning and research. You, the traveller, need only choose where and when to go.

Raven Travel Guides Europe is inspired by some of Europe’s finest destinations. It's also the place to get important travel tips. The sort of practical advice you can put to use on the road, how to save money in lots of ways, and enjoy a rich travel experience in affordable comfort.

Raven Guides rejoices in the diversity of Europe. Cultures are not only national, they are regional and unique. The emphasis here is: think local, act global - experience a variety of destinations, big and small, while being as kind as possible to them and the planet.

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Check out the destination guides

Detailed guides to German destinations are now available. Others are in the update process.

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German Baroque architecture leaves us cities of wonder

Baroque architecture isn't to everyone's taste. But it's always intricate and almost always spectacular.

The striking architecture of a few German Baroque cities stands out from the rest. Above all, the jewels of Dresden have been rebuilt after wartime destruction.

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Stunning German medieval cities and towns hold their allure

Walls, towers and Romanesque and Gothic architecture are the common characteristics of Germany’s old towns. Precious works of art in churches and museums help fill out the picture, along with weapons and other artefacts.

Where are the best places to imagine the past? Some large and small cities are walled, at least in part. But complete wall circuits in modern Europe are rare and prized. Half-timbered buildings lasted for hundreds of years and only rare pieces belong to the Middle Ages.

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11 of the most beautiful European cities many visitors miss

We all want to visit beautiful cities and towns, the finest flowering of European culture. To experience rare and lesser-known gems is the true delight of travel. The large and small cities listed below are popular, but outside their own countries are hardly mainstream destinations.

Don’t pass them by like so many others – their monuments, striking natural locations and stories are the essence of adventure. Each is a setting for stunning views to treasure forever.

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Travel route planner map

How to make a free Europe planner route map fast with Google

You can make travel planning easy with Google Maps. Independent travel is a lot more satisfying and a lot less frustrating if there is a plan – or even a framework – that gets you where you want to go.

A route planning map of this type can be a blessing if a European journey is to be crammed into a week or two. Tight planning using Europe’s generally reliable transport links can help get the best value for the traveller trying to experience a lot in a short period.

Creating a map like this takes getting used to, but a well-made map can store lots of travel information in a way that’s easy to refer to on a smartphone or tablet.

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Your European travel essentials

More travel information is coming to this space. In the meantime, check out the growing blog page, or investigate the detailed travel information on Germany or Austria.

Best places in Europe
Travel tips
Hotels & hostels

Travel tips

Did you know that a cost to enter any of 30 European countries is on the way? It's called the ETIAS and it is planned at €7 per person. Introduction has already been delayed, but at latest estimate it will be introduced in 2025.

The ETIAS form will be easy to fill out. It's not a visa, rather an authorisation for travellers from visa-exempt countries. It must be in hand when you travel to Europe, whether that's at a border or in an airport. International carriers have to demand the ETIAS permit before you can board flights, voyages, buses or trains. UK residents will need it, too.
You'll still need your passport.

The official website has the details.

Hotels & hostels

Hotels don't have to be expensive. It's a case of deciding what you need. Hostels, pensions or guesthouses could be worthwhile alternatives.

If you are set on a hotel, will a two or three-star hotel be satisfactory? You could always splurge a little cash in a few selected destinations and keep the budget tight in others. Three-star hotels generally take care of the needs of the basic needs of business travellers for multiple-night stays, which might be adequate.

Sometimes the differences between hotel standards are about how long the front desk is staffed.


For getting around Europe – if we have the environment in mind – rail takes the prize for speed and comfort. It's not necessarily the cheapest mode, but you have better support services. To save money, check rail pass prices or look at deals such as Germany's Deutschland-Ticket at €49 a month.

For cheaper travel, or to extend your reach, long-distance or regional buses are the first option.

In urban areas, trams, light rail and metro rail are the winners when available. But local buses do the job adequately.

Don't miss this chance to travel Europe your way

Raven Travel Guides Europe aims to offer choices so you can enjoy Europe your way.

● Find help to solve your travel problems, such as finding accommodation and transport
● Save money on a great travel experience
● No website pop-ups
● No ads
● No pressure

Raven Guides is a work in progress, aiming to extend coverage of European countries.

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You want a rich European adventure as a price-conscious traveler. With Raven Travel Guides Europe, you can enjoy travel affordably.

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