What you need to know before you book your next hotel


We know accommodation booking websites always advertise discounts on hotels and hostels. But how real are these?

Have you ever wondered how accommodation booking websites make money?

Hotel booking businesses know how most of us think, but do you know how they think?

You’ll find a lot of urgency messages on hotel booking websites. They look like: “Eight rooms like this booked today”, “Six people are looking at this site now”, “Only two like this left on our site”.

The message is “don’t miss out” because the seller wants you to "book now".

But if the website doesn’t offer the lowest-price room available, will you truly save money?

It’s possible to get cheaper rates on hotels and other accommodation. But it’s not a loyalty program, and it’s not magic.

Getting a low rate is about recognising how the rules of the hotel booking game are really set up – because the dice are loaded.

Getting consistently lower rates on accommodation is about using strategies beyond responding to advertised discounts.

To get the lowest rate, you need to search smart – you need to know where to look and how. You need the tricks accommodation booking websites don’t want you to know.

In Raven Travel Guides Europe’s free special report, How to get the lowest hotel rate online 100% of the time, you’ll get:

  • Insights into how online accommodation booking really works, so you can avoid the traps when booking your hotel.
  • The facts on how booking websites get you to book where they want you to book (they even admit this if you look in the right place).
  • Information on industry trends in hotel booking – you’ll be surprised by their results.
  • The secret ways booking website operators put pressure on you – and the hotel owners – to maximise their own profit.
  • How hotels set their prices – the rules you can use to reset the game so you, the traveller, can get genuinely low rates.
  • The chance to follow a step-by-step experiment in which Raven Guides compares rates between booking websites and hotels’ own sites – and the findings.
  • A straight answer to the big question – do booking websites have the lowest hotel rates?
  • A complete strategy for booking hotels to suit your budget – follow this to get the lowest available rate for the hotel you want every time.

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