Great, you’re planning a trip to Europe. Do you need a visa? european borders european union travel planning visas Aug 06, 2023

Do I need a visa to enter Europe?

No and yes. People from most Western countries can travel to most of Europe for up to 90 days. If you...

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Who said there’s one Europe? There’s six (a traveller guide) european borders european union Aug 05, 2023

There’s more than one Europe for travellers to contend with.

We have to think about Customs, immigration, currency and...

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German Renaissance shows in world-heritage Hanseatic cities beautiful cities & towns germany hanseatic cities historic monuments renaissance cities Jul 15, 2023

Germany's Renaissance started later than Italy's and prominent buildings did not appear until well into the 16th century. The survivals...

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German Baroque architecture leaves us cities of wonder baroque buildings beautiful cities & towns dresden germany heidelberg historic monuments passau Jul 15, 2023

Baroque in Germany is usually a style found in churches, monasteries and country residences. Baroque as an urban style is not common. The...

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Augsburg preserves the Renaissance spirit beautiful cities & towns germany renaissance cities Jul 09, 2023

Augsburg's old city is a Renaissance jewel with more than a hint of Italian polish. No German city has anything like Augsburg's...

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Stunning German medieval cities and towns hold their allure beautiful cities & towns germany historic monuments medieval cities & towns museums Jul 01, 2023

Walls, towers and Romanesque and Gothic architecture are the common characteristics of Germany’s old towns. Their medieval building...

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How to make a free Europe planner route map fast with Google maps travel planning Jun 28, 2023

You can make travel planning easy with Google Maps. Independent travel is a lot more satisfying and a lot less frustrating if there is a...

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Roman treasures: Seven German cities that outlasted empires germany historic monuments museums roman empire Jun 21, 2023

The Roman empire penetrated deep into Germany. But, after the time of Christ, Rome had to fight to maintain its frontiers along the...

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